Key features of a2e's modus operandi are:
  • Management teams are "empowered" to run the business and acquire equity stakes, at par, in investee companies, to achieve goal congruence.
  • All employees share in the proceeds of an eventual sale of the relevant investee companies, thus recognising the contribution of all individuals.
  • Key focus for investments is to enhance the "fundamentals" such as differentiated product/service quality, manufacturing efficiency and niche market penetration.
  • "Bureaucracy" and "waste" of resources are kept to a minimum, investment and management decisions are taken and implemented quickly and progress is measured constantly.
a2e operates within strict ethical guidelines:
  • It is the people that create wealth... and their aspirations are paramount.
  • Sharing of rewards with all those involved in creating the wealth is vital.
  • We will not invest in businesses involved in products causing known harm to humans, exploitation of third world labour, unnecessary suffering of animals, and unacceptable/immoral practices.
  • We will be transparent and involve "stakeholders" in key decisions