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a2e venture catalysts

Welcome to a2e Venture Catalysts Limited

Corporate Finance with a difference, defined as the "art" of enhancing shareholder value by "enabling" corporates and "inspiring" people to succeed...

"Unique ethos, Impressive progress"

A all-encompassing "traditional" corporate finance/ investment banking operation, catering for the needs of the enlightened Entrepreneurs and Mid-market Businesses (enterprise value or turnover up to 500 million) determined to succeed in the new economic paradigm.

a2e - Potent expertise

Our focus is to invest in and engage with Mid-market Companies in special and mainly "difficult" situations with merit, where potential may be "unlocked", and a high level of expertise and involvement is sought/welcome. These include "turnarounds", underperforming businesses, shareholder conflicts or exits, financial distress and businesses poised for substantial growth.

Our potent "enabling" ethos brings together the three "pillars" of success, i.e. Strategic expertise, Funds to invest and Execution capability in a co-ordinated fashion...with the ability to act decisively, effectively and speedily, significantly differentiating us from others.

Almost all other Corporate Finance firms just advise and are paid a fee with little ongoing involvement in creating shareholder value. Private Equity firms use funds to acquire stakes largely in well managed and profitable businesses, with insufficient investment in or focus on the management of the businesses going forward. A similar phenomenon "afflicts" Venture Capital firms.

a2e Venture Catalysts' impressive progress and track record in focusing on and investing in Mid-market businesses, including advising on strategic development of businesses, investing own funds and raising debt, consummating acquisitions and disposals is due to a2e's all-encompassing and "enabling" approach to creating value/wealth for such Mid-market businesses and shareholders.

We now have over 10 years track record of creating spectacular shareholder wealth in our investee companies. (96% IRR per annum The comparable BVCA average IRR in same period was 8% p.a.!!)

This unrivalled "acquisition" to "exit" (thus a2e) philosophy and acting as a proactive catalyst is most suitable for the ever changing needs of Entrepreneurs and Mid-market businesses in the 21st Century.

a2e provides management expertise to AAE by sourcing, negotiating and consummating transactions on behalf of AAE and/or for investee companies.

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